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The Evolution of BMX Racing has come a long way and some parts unfortunately have not kept up with the changes of the sport But with the HT BMX Specific Clip Pedals, this is not the case. HT has worked with some of the top Pro riders in BMX to produce a pedal thats able to take all the power, airtime, and abuse that Pro riders such as the Chase BMX team can dish out, while not clipping out. HT Pedals feature a stiffer feel when clipped in, but give you ample float to adjust you footing and not worry about unclipping until you need to do so. Thats why HT has quickly become the choice of todays top Pros! 


  • Body Material: Aluminum extruded / CNC machined
  • Spindle: CNC machined cr-moly
  • Pedal Bearings Sealed bearings / IGUS bushings
  • Cleat System: X2 / X1/ X1F (HT exclusive system)
  • Pins: Replaceable grip pins
  • Size: 85 x 94 x 14 mm
  • Pedal Weight (pair): 460 g
  • Cleat Weight (pair): 64 g


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