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INSIGHT MX4 2 Piece BMX Racing Crankset with Alloy Spindle.


All new for the young riders in BMX racing, an ultralight 2 piece Crank set, featuring a 4 Bolt Spider Arm with a 24mm Alloy Spindle Axle thats press fit into the crank arm. The Non drive side features a dual pinch bolt design to keep the cranks tight and running smooth, all the way to the podium!


Designed for younger riders who need a strong crank set up and want to move up to a 2 piece, 24mm axle crank with a 4 bolt spider pattern but need the shorter crank arm length. 


With the lightweight Alloy Spindle, and a lower weight optional 4 bolt Chain ring, you can really drop the weight of your race bike! 


Crank Features

  • Forged  6061-T6 Aluminum crank arms 
  • 24mm Alloy 7075-T6 spindle axle that is press fit into Drive side, Non Drive side has dual pinch bolts
  • 104mm 4 Bolt Chain Ring Pattern
  • 6 Size options - 140, 145, 152, 155, 160 and 165mm
  • Bottom Bracket not included - For use with a 24mm Bottom Bracket including Press Fit or Euro Style threaded BB's
  • Q Factor 160mm


2 Color Options

  • Black with black laser etched graphics
  • Black with silver laser etched graphics 


Crank Weights 

  • 140mm: 550g - 19.4oz
  • 145mm:
  • 152mm: 568g - 20.0 oz
  • 155mm: 573g - 20.2 oz
  • 160mm: 585g - 20.6 oz
  • 165mm: 593g - 20.8 oz


Crank Rider Weight limit: 145 lbs (65KGS)

Insight MX4 Crankset

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